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10月31日MBARI研究所Charles K. Paull教授学术报告


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1031MBARI研究所Charles K. Paull教授学术报告


报告题目:Monitoring the passage of sediment flows within Monterey Canyon: Preliminary results of the Coordinated Canyon Experiment

报告人:Charles K. Paull (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)
时间:20161031 周一13:30—15:00


Charlie1986年在美国Scripps海洋研究所获得海洋学博士学位,先后在Scripps海洋研究所、北卡大学任职,于1999年进入MBARI研究所,任高级研究员,并在2008-2012年担任MBARI首席科学家。Charlie专长于海洋近底层沉积物中天然气水合物渗漏研究,致力于探索海底水合物中的碳向海洋、大气转换机制。近年来,他专注于海底峡谷正在发生的沉积过程,利用MBARI先进的海洋现场观测技术,作为首席科学家正在执行Coordinated Canyon ExperimentCCE)研究计划,监测浊流在峡谷里的运动过程。其研究成果发表在NatureScienceGeology等期刊上。


Submarine canyons are notoriously difficult to study because underwater avalanches periodically surge down the bottoms of many canyons, often burying or destroying scientific instruments. After more than a decade of placing (and sometimes losing) equipment in Monterey Canyon, MBARI researchers have created a unique new tool to study canyon processes. During the Coordinated Canyon Experiment, ten arrays of instruments have been installed on the seafloor to monitor movements of water and sediment at depths of 200 to 1900 m and distances of 4 to 40 kilometers from shore since October 2015. Based on the newly-retrieved mooring data in October 2016, the preliminary results will be introduced, hoping to answer what triggers underwater sediment flows, how fast they move, and how far they travel.


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