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11月4日荷兰乌特列支大学Gert de Lange教授学术报告


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114日荷兰乌特列支大学Gert de Lange教授学术报告


报告题目:Publishing scientific papers: How, Where & Ethics

报告人:Gert de Lange (Utrecht University)
时间:2016114 周五10:00—11:30


Gert de Lange教授是国际知名的海洋地球化学家,《Marine Geology》杂志主编。从1988年以来De Lange教授一直任教于荷兰乌特列支大学,并于2007-2013年间两次当选地中海科学委员会(CIESM)主席。De Lange教授还是《Netherlands Journal of Geosciences》(从1999年起)和《International Journal of Oceanography》(从2004年起)的编委会成员。他的主要研究兴趣集中在地中海古环境古气候变化以及极端环境生物地球化学过程,如海洋沉积物元素地球化学指标的古环境解释、早期成岩作用对古环境指标的影响、海水-高盐水界面的氧化还原过程,以及泥火山孔隙水中甲烷的来源和同位素组成等,目前已发表包括NatureNature Geoscience等国际著名期刊在内的190余篇国际刊物论文。


Gert is unambiguously one of the World’s most experienced experts in scientific editing. Since 2002, Gert has served as the editor-in-chief of “Marine Geology”. He is also member of editorial board of “Netherlands Journal of Geosciences” (from 1999 onward) and “International Journal of Oceanography” (from 2004 onward). His experience as member of editorial board of “Marine Geology” can even trace back to 1993. He has also acted as coordinator/scientific editor of a series of CIESM monographs. In the presentation, he will introduces, from the aspect of a scientific editor, briefly not only the roles of authors, reviewers and editors, but also what authors can do to improve their submitted manuscript. Understanding the roles of different media will be helpful to authors, realizing what is done by whom and why/how.





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