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    ·     1994.09-1997.07: Chengdu University of Technology, petroleum reservoir geology, Ph.D

    ·     1986.09-1989.07: Chengdu College of Geology, Petroliferous region Sedimentology, M.Sc

    ·     1982.09-1986.07: Chengdu College of Geology, Oil and gas geology exploration, B.Sc


    ·     1999.08- Present: School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University, Teacher

    ·     2004.02-2004.07:School of Geoscience, University of Sydney, Visiting scholar

    ·     1997.10-1999.08: Department of Marine geology and geophysics, Tongji university, Post-doctor

    ·     1989.07-1994.09: Petroleum Geology Department of Chengdu University of Technology, Teacher



    ·     《Subsurface Geology of Oil and Gas Fields》(undergraduate course)

    ·     《Advanced Petroleum Geology》(postgraduate course)

    ·     《Reservoir Geology》(postgraduate course)

    ·     《Advance in Petroleum Geology》(doctoral course)

    ·     《Conventional and unconventional reservoir geology》(doctoral course)

    ·       Teaching achievements:Won the teaching achievement encouraging prize, ranked second in 2014 Tongji University curriculum construction project: Geological comprehensive practice in Chaohu area.


    Current students :

    ·     Master:Gong Ning; Chu Zhigang; Xu Zheng; Li Jing; Huang Jianling

    ·     Doctor:Zhao Shijie

    Former students :

    ·     Master:Li Linxiang; Cao Guoyin; Wu Xuelin; You Yuchun; Wu Xiaoguang; Ye Maolin; Li Yi; Chen Haizhou; Sun Xitian; Lv Miaomiao; Guo Tao; Fu Xiaowei; Jin Yan; Dong Zuhua; He Yanbing; Zhang Bing; Xia Yan; Ding Linlin; Yun Tianlin; Feng Dianliang; Huang Shaoxiong

    ·     Doctor:Ma Wenrui; Liu Binbin; Fu Ning

    Research Interests

    ·     Sequence stratigraphy and petroliferous region Sedimentology

    ·     Conventional and unconventional reservoir geology


    ·     Quantitative Study of Sedimentary Micro-facies and Diagenesis of Chang 6 Reservoir in Hua-qing Area, (NO. 2016ZX05050). 2017.09-2019.09. Project funds 1.185 million. Supporting projects of national science and technology major projects, Project Leader;

    ·     The Research of Recognition Mode and Seismic Reflection Characteristics of Cenozoic Igneous Rock Geological Body in Bohai Oilfield. 2015.06-2016.12. Project funds 1.198 million. Project of CNOOC Tianjin branch, Project Leader;

    ·     The Research of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Regular Pattern and Exploration direction of Huanghekou Sag (Second Phase), (NO. 2011ZX05023). 2011.01-2014.12. Project funds 1.3 million. National science and technology major projects, Project Leader;

    ·     Characterization of Three-dimensional Space Configuration of Sandstone Body of Chang 8 Reservoir, Yanchang Formation, Longdong demonstration area. (NO. 2011ZX05044). 2012.06-2014.06. Project funds 1.8 million. National science and technology major projects, Project Leader;

    ·     The Research of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Regular Pattern and Exploration direction of Huanghekou Sag, (NO. 2008ZX05023). 2008.01-2010.12. Project funds 1.5 million. National science and technology major projects, Project Leader;

    ·     Sequence Stratigraphic Division and Favorable Facies Prediction of Mesozoic Yanchang Formation in Longdong Area. (NO. 2008ZX05044). 2008.01-2010.12. Project funds 0.8 million. National science and technology major projects, Project Leader;


    Papers: Published 61 academic papers in various Domestic academic journals

    ·     Yang Hua, Fu Qiang, Qi Yalin, et al. The Paleontology Phase Zones and Its Geological Significance on the Late Triassic Yanchang Stage Palaeo-lacustrine Ordos Basin [J].Acta Sedimentologica Sinica.2006, 34(4):688-693.

    ·     Fu Qiang, Liu Binbin, Xia Qinglong. Characteristics and Migration-accumulation Directions of Sulfur-rich Oils in BZ35/36 Structures in Huanghekou Sag, Bohai Bay Basin [J]. Acta Petrolei Sinica. 2013, 34(1):37-46.

    ·     Fu Qiang, Li Yi. Characteristics of Slope Breaks and Its Implication on Petroleum Geology in Yanchang Formation Chang6 (Late Triassic) of Ordos Basin [J]. Acta Sedimentologica Sinica. 2010, 28(2):50-54.

    ·     FU Qiang,LIYi, et al. Evidence of the transgression lake of the Subei basin during Late Cretaceous and Paleocene and its geological significance [J], Frontiers of Earth Science in China. 2008, 2(1):114-119.

    Monographs: have published 3 monographs

    ·     Fu Qiang, Petroleum Geological dynamics of the Fractured Bedrock Reservoir. Geology Press, 2002, Beijing.

    ·     Qiu Xuming, Liu Yurui, Fu Qiang. Stratigraphic Sequences and Sedimentary Evolution of Subei Basin During Cretaceous- Lower Tertiary, Geology Press, 2006, Beijing

    ·     Yang Hua, Fu Qiang, Fu Jinhua. Stratigraphic Sequences and Hydrocarbon accumulation characteristics of Ordos Basin During 

    ·     Late Triassic, Geology Press, 2007, Beijing


    ·     2015.10.30-Present: editorial board member of Fault-Block Oil and Gas Field

    ·     2016.10-Present: Director of the Shanghai Petroleum Society

    ·     2013.11-2016.10: Member of the expert committee of China Association of Oceanic Engineering, Marine resources development branch

    ·     2012.09-2016.09: Member of the 8th Petroleum Geology Specialized Committee of China Association Petroleum Geology


    ·     1999: Third prize in Series of teaching awards of Tongji university (certificate)

    ·     1996: Third prize of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Geology and mineral resources (certificate)

    ·     1996: Fourth prize of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Geology and mineral resources (certificate)