Welcome to the School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University



 Responsibilities and Members of School Workgroup

        The responsibilities of academic workgroup include the following items: review the open projects in the Laboratory, review the academic goal of the advanced research institute, evaluate researchers' academic performance annually.

        The responsibilities of teaching group include the following items: discuss the construction of majors and courses, provide advice on teaching reform and management, promote international communication, monitor students’ cultivation and teaching quality, etc.

Academic Workgroup:Zhimin Jian(Leader),
Zhifei Liu,
Huaiyang Zhou,
Chuanlun Zhang,
Jianhua Geng,
Chunfeng Li,
Shouye Yang,
Director of Marine Advanced Research Institute
Teaching Workgroup:
Peng Yu(Director),
Changhai Xu,
Mei Xue,
Daidu Fan,
Jun Tian,
Lei Shao,
Xiaotong Peng,
Huagen Chen