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Marine Science

Acquiring the qualification to confer master’s degree in 1978, it was the first and only then institution in 1984 to accept graduate students for a doctoral degree in marine geology in China. In 1991, a marine science postdoctoral research station was established, and in 1992, a Key Laboratory of Marine Geology was nominated by the Ministry of Education of China, which was upgraded under state approval into a State Key Laboratory in 2005. Due to its excellent performances in scientific researches, the marine science discipline at Tongji University was nominated one of the most important disciplines by Shanghai Municipal Government in 2000, and later became a key discipline nominated by the central government in 2001. In 2006, the program acquired the qualification to confer doctoral degree in marine science. In 2015, the discipline of marine science was selected into the “Peak Project” by Shanghai Municipal Government for the preparation of both nationwide and global top-level disciplines. In 2017, the discipline was listed on the “Strategic Plan for Establishing World-Class Discipline” of Tongji University.

Postgraduate Majors



Marine Science

01 Marine geology (Paleoceanography, Marine Sedimentology, Continental margin tectonics, basin and Petroleum Geology, etc.)


02 Marine Chemistry (Chemical oceanography, Marine geochemistry, Experimental geochemistry, etc.)


03 Marine Biology (Geomicrobiology, Marine organic geochemistry, etc.)


04 Physical oceanography (Multi-scale oceanic motions, Sediment dynamics)


05 Marine technology (Marine Information Technology, Marine Sensing Technology)

The discipline of marine science hosts many outstanding professionals and is equipped with advanced teaching and research instruments. Its current faculty members include: 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 6 Distinguished Young Scholars of the National Science Foundation of China, 19 professors and 22 associate professors, and has 1 Creative Research Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Several world-famous marine scientists serve as adjunct professors or honored professors. In the past years, this discipline has been well funded by both national and international scientific foundations. It has forged strong connection with dozens of universities and institutions around the world, and has carried out joint projects with Germany, France, Australia, USA, Japan, etc.

The discipline leads the international ocean discovery program (IODP) South China sea voyage research, leads the major research program of NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) of "deep sea process evolution of the South China Sea", undertakes a series of key projects, the national 973 program, key research and development projects, etc. At present, it also takes the lead in the construction of “national undersea scientific observation network”. The discipline attaches great importance to interdisciplinary and earth system scientific research and education, promotes the scientific application of “deep dive”, “deep drilling” and “deep observatory”, emphasizes the combination of ocean and land, the combination of modern process and geological record, and the integration of marine science and technology; while solving the major international scientific problems, it also pays attention to the major strategic needs of the country, and advocates the coordinated development of production, learning and research Talent training mode of exhibition. At present, the discipline has formed its own characteristics and advantages in China's marine Geosciences and other deep-sea basic research directions, formed a talent training highland, and also has great academic influence in the world.

The program confers students with a Master/PhD degree in Marine Science.