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The ¥ 2 million Donation: Academician Wang Pinxian, Professor Sun Xiangjun establish‘Marine Scholarship of Tongji University’

On September 15, 85-year-old Wang Pinxian, a renowned Marine geologist, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of the School of Ocean and Earth Science at Tongji University, and his wife, Sun Xiangjun, a renowned palynology expert, researcher of the Institute of Botany, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS), and adjunct professor of Tongji University, jointly donate their savings of 2 million RMB to establish “Marine Scholarship of Tongji University” under the Tongji University Education Development Foundation. The vision of the scholarship is to award potential undergraduates and graduates of Tongji University who are committed to marine science and ocean-related research and technology development, and who have achieved outstanding academic performance and innovative research results.

The donation signing ceremony for the Marine Scholarship of Tongji University is held on the Siping Road campus. Academician Wang Pinxian, Professor Sun Xiangjun and Chen Jie, President of Tongji University, sign the donation agreement. Then President Chen Jie presents donation certificate to Academician Wang and Professor Sun.

 “It has long been a wish to set up the fund and help our students. We are more than happy that this long-cherished dream has finally come true today.” Academician Wang and Professor Sun said that, they spent five years together at Lomonosov Moscow State University in the 1950s, and truly felt the care and love from the motherland. That’s when they made up their minds to return home and serve the motherland after completing their studies. With this aspiration, they have been making contributions to the national scientific and educational career in their respective posts for more than 60 years since they returned to China. The purpose of establishing the Marine Scholarship is to “refuel”young students on their way of seeking knowledge, and promote their growth and the development of marine science.

 “The establishment of the Marine Scholarship is also a call to students from other disciplines and professional fields. We hope that more young talents will join the team of national ocean career.” Academician Wang also points out that the ocean is an interdisciplinary field and requires multi-disciplinary collaboration. Students of non-marine disciplines can make great achievements in the marine field through interdisciplinary integration as well.

On behalf of Tongji University, President Chen Jie expresses his heartfelt gratitude and respect to Academician Wang Pinxian and Professor Sun Xiangjun for their generous donation. He said that we were once again touched by academician Wang and Professor Sun’s love for China’s marine undertakings and their ardent expectations for young talents. Tongji University would make good use of this scholarship, give full play to the role of the fund in leading and educating students, promote the integration of disciplines, and help the construction of first-class disciplines and the cultivation of high-level talents.

The Marine Scholarship of Tongji University is managed by the Tongji University Education Development Foundation, while the specific assessment affairs are in charge by the School of Ocean and Earth Science at Tongji University. The Scholarship will be awarded once a year and the number of awards and the amount of money will be adjusted according to the accrediting and new donations, combined with the actual work. With 2 million RMB as the starting fund, the Marine Scholarship of Tongji University accepts donations from enterprises, public institutions, individuals and various social organizations that are enthusiastic about public welfare and education.