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    ·     1995.09-1998.07: China University of Geosciences (Beijing)Ph.D

    ·     1992.09-1995.07: China University of Geosciecnes (Beijing), M.Sc

    ·     1988.09-1992.07: Northeast University, B.Sc


    ·     2015.08-present: School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Tongji University, Professor

    ·     2005.07-2015.07: Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, Research Professor

    ·     2000.09-2005.06: Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, Research Associate

    ·     1998.09-2000.08: Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, CAS, Postdoc



    CoursesC, N and S cycles in earth system(postgraduate/doctoral course)


    Current students

    ·     Master candidatesManyu Kang, Linghui He, Ziheng Cui

    ·     Doctor candidatesBingbing Wei, Dongrong Zhang

    Research Interests

    ·     My research interest is biogeochemistry and paleoceanography, specifically, using organic molecules and their natural C/N/H isotopes to trace these elements’ cycles in modern and past environments.


    ·     NSFC project (41676030), Elucidation of sources and transport processes of the inner shelf sediments adjacent to west Guangdong by using C-14 of leaf wax fatty acid, 2017.1-2020.12.

    ·     Sub-project of The National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFA0601100), C-N-S cycles during last deglacial time and their implication for global change. 2016.06-2021.06.


    Since 2014 (For full list of publications please see: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Guodong_Jia)

    ·     Jie Zhang, Guodong Jia*, Wei Guo, Xianxu Wang, Fei Lei, 2017. Isoprenoid tetraether lipids in suspended particulate matter from the East China Sea and implication for sedimentary records. Org. Geochem., 114, 81-90.

    ·     Guodong Jia*, Xianxu Wang, Wei Guo, Liang Dong, 2017. Seasonal distribution of archaeal lipids in surface water and its constraint on their sources and the TEX86 temperature proxy in sediments of the South China Sea. JGR-Biogeosciences, 122, 592-606.

    ·     Feng Ye, Guodong Jia*, Luhua Xie, Gangjian Wei, Jie Xu, 2016. Isotope constraints on seasonal dynamics of dissolved and particulate N in the Pearl River Estuary, south China. JGR-Oceans, 121, 8689-8705.

    ·     Lihuan Deng, Guodong Jia*, Chuanfang Jin, Shijie Li, 2016. Warm season bias of branched GDGT temperature estimates causes underestimation of altitudinal lapse rate. Org. Geochem., 96, 1-17

    ·     Shendong Xu, Jie Zhang, Xianxu Wang, Guodong Jia*, 2016. Catchment environmental change over the 20th Century recorded by sedimentary leaf wax n-alkane δ13C off the Pearl River estuary. Science China-Earth Sciences, 59, 975-980.

    ·     Guodong Jia*, Yang Bai, Xiaoqiang Yang, Luhua Xie, Gangjian Wei, Tingping Ouyang, Guoqiang Chu, Zhonghui Liu, Ping’an Peng, 2015. Biogeochemical evidence of Holocene East Asian summer and winter monsoon variability from a tropical maar lake in southern China. Quart. Sci. Rev., 111, 51-61.

    ·     Guodong Jia*, Yang Bai., Yongjia Ma, Jinmin Sun, Ping’an Peng, 2015. Paleoelevation of Tibetan Lunpola basin in the Oligocene-Miocene transition estimated from leaf wax lipid dual isotopes. Global Planet. Change, 126, 14-22.

    ·     Feng Ye, Zhixin Ni, Luhua Xie, Gangjia Wei, Guodong Jia*, 2015. Isotopic evidence for the turnover of biological reactive nitrogen in the Pearl River Estuary, south China. JGR-Biogeosciences, 120, 661-672.

    ·     Wei Guo, Feng Ye, Shendong Xu, Guodong Jia*, 2015. Seasonal variation in sources and processing of particulate organic carbon in the Pearl River estuary, South China. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci., 167, 540-548.

    ·     Guodong Jia*, Zhiguo Rao, Jie Zhang, Zhiyang Li, Fahu Chen, 2014. Tetraether biomarker records from a loess-paleosol sequence in the western Chinese Loess Plateau. Front. Microbiol., 2013, 4,199, doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2013.00199.

    ·     Feng Ye, Wenfeng Deng, Luhua Xie, Gangjian Wei, Guodong Jia*, 2014. Surface water δ18O in the marginal China seas and its hydrological implications. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci., 147, 25-31.

    ·     Shendong Xu, Guodong Jia*, Wenfeng Deng, Gangjia Wei, Weifang Chen, C.-A. Huh, 2014. Carbon isotopic disequilibrium between seawater and air in the coastal Northern South China Sea over the past century. Estuar., Coast. Shelf Sci., 149, 38-45.


    ·     Deputy Director of Professional Committee of Biogeochemical Clycles, the 9th Chinese Association for Quaternary Research (2017-2020)