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Counselor for graduate student


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    ·   Make entrance education of graduate students and working for the graduate civilized leaving school.

    ·   Carry out special activities on mental health education for postgraduates, and rapidly sorting out and talking with the key students, communicate with their parents timely, establish a book for each key student and update and report in time;

    ·   Dealing with emergencies of graduate students;

    ·   To carry out the education of academic morality and honesty for postgraduates;

    ·   Organize the application and guidance of “Bosi Forum”;

    ·   Help the students with their employment;

    ·   Manage the students' daily affairs: Make the management of students' archives, the work of awarding and appraising postgraduates, and implement the work of students' insurance, loan and compensation;

    ·   Work on the safety inspection of graduate dormitory;

    ·  Branch work: guide the branch to carry out organizational life and declare the construction project of competing for the first in benchmarking;

    ·   Timely submit student news and review the Wechat words of Tongji ocean people;

    ·   Participate in counselor training and actively apply for ideological and political research topics.

    ·   Working on alumni work;

    ·   Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.