Welcome to the School of Ocean and Earth Science, Tongji University

School Office Director


panbaiyi @ tongji.edu.cn



    ·   Daily administrative services: including publicity and layout, visitor reception, data statistics and submission, Yearbook compilation, document management and filing transfer, public office and conference room management, temporary campus card and admission card management and other daily affairs.

    ·   Information construction: Maintaining and managing the website, Wechat public account, and news editing and publishing of relevant meetings. responsible for the college network information security investigation and other work.

    · Conference organization, academic exchanges and news reporting: drafting, receiving and issuing conference announcements related to administrative work, compiling conference summaries, responsible for accumulating and keeping all kinds of administrative-related information, such as documents, conference summaries, news releases, photographs, sound recordings and videos. Complete the related work of conference affairs organization and foreign news reporting.

    ·  Logistics support and safety work: responsible for the supply plan of office supplies, responsible for the storage, distribution, acquisition and registration of office equipment, furniture and office supplies in the school, and do a good job of statistical accounting of goods in, out and in storage. At the same time, assist in the safety work of the school and laboratory.

    ·   Complete other temporary work assigned by the supervisor.