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    ·   2010.09-2013.11Nanjing University, Structural Geology, Ph.D.

    ·   2007.09-2010.08:Nanjing University, Solid Geophysics, M.Sc.

    ·   2003.09-2007.06:Nanjing University, Geology, B.Sc.


    ·   2023.03 to nowTongji University, School of Ocean and Earth Science, Researcher                                      

    ·   2020.07-2022.11:University of Oxford, Department of Earth Science, Postdoc

    ·   2016.03-2020.06:University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences, Postdoc

    ·   2014.01-2016.01:Nanjing University, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Postdoc


    Research Interests

    ·   Mechanisms of slow earthquakes

    ·   Foreshocks and earthquake nucleation

    ·   Aftershocks and fault deformation

    ·   Crustal and upper mantle structure


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    ·   Reviewer for EPSL, GRL, GJI, SRL, BSSA etc.


    ·   Tongji University ‘Hundred Youth Plan B, 2022

    ·   Shanghai Leading Oversea Young Scholars, 2022